Does Fannie Mae Own My Mortgage

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Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise, or GSE, with the mission of bringing liquidity, If your mortgage is under $300,000, there’s a good chance it is owned by Fannie Mae.

Other Fannie Mae Resources. This section of is for mortgage industry professionals. visit other Fannie Mae sites below for properties for sale, careers at Fannie Mae, listing agent and vendor opportunities, or homeowner assistance.

Whats A Fannie Mae Property  · HomePath is a website for Fannie Mae REO Homes For Sale. REO's are Real Estate Owned by the government-sponsored enterprise (gse) fannie Mae. The homes, land, trailers, condominiums, etc. are all foreclosed properties.

What does a sweet old grandmother have to do with buying a house?. Fannie Mae is the common name for the Federal National Mortgage. Without a secondary market, they would have to keep the mortgages on their own books.. credit, Research colleges, Prepare for an exam, Improve my grades, Homeschool, Other.

Johnny Isakson, a Republican from Georgia, introduced the Mortgage. week. My bill will shut down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through an orderly transition, and it will repay the taxpayers." Few.

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Hello I hold a lease option on a property I current live in but I’m not in a position to buy yet my uncle has offered to purchase the home I have already gave $10,000 down to the owners but if my uncle buys the home how can he get credit for that $10,000.

Hi, Where could one find the fannie mae requirements for owner occupier. Also, when you get your loan, if you are financing, do it as an owner occupant loan. are also available Fannie Mae's Mortgage Fraud Resources page.. next house and rinse and repeat till I own my house outright with no mtg.

We offer an innovative range of mortgage products, eligibility options, and solutions to help you meet your borrowers’ needs and grow your business.. See if your borrowers with existing fannie mae mortgages can benefit from a high LTV refinance option.

My mortgage was originally through countrywide but I found out they sold it to fannie mae, I am behaind in my mortgage seriously 12 months but I sat down with them to see if I could get a modification I was told not for sure but it is possible. My question is by my loan beingt sold to fannie mae is this a help or does that matter?